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Kinsale Infant School


JONK Learning Leaders

Growth Mindset 

Here at Kinsale Infant School we are proud to be able to build in the idea of ‘Growth Mindset’ philosophy throughout the school. We have taken the principles of JONK (Joy Of Not Knowing), that Marcelo Staricoff has researched and developed. We hope by consistently using this approach across the school it will enable the children to become more independent learners, who will have the resilience to think creatively.  

Learning Leaders 

Each KS1 classroom vote for their 2 class Learning Leaders at the beginning of the school year. We then welcome Reception to the role in January.  

Our current learning leaders are: 

D’Angelo, Isla A, Joshua, Winnie, Mila, Elliot B






Learning Leaders meet once a month with Miss Galley to discuss and plan ideas to help support all children’s learning experiences at Kinsale Infant School. Once a term our Learning Leaders go on a learning walk to see how JONK is being ‘used’ in our learning environments by both staff and children. Learning leaders have a particular focus each term for what they need to make sure they can see being used in the classroom environment. Some of the focuses are vocabulary, displays and stickers are all being used.

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