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Learning Cafés

We are now holding Learning Cafés on a range of subjects in school, to further support our parents understanding of how we teach and what they can do to support their child’s learning at home. Each class invites parents and carers into their classroom to observe the teaching on the carpet and then they have the opportunity to work with their child to support and extend their learning.

Reception Phonics and Early Reading Café Feedback – Jan 2020

  • I found the workshop to be very useful.  It has taught me a better way to read and help my child read.
  • The information we got to take home has also helped as we sat down after school learning the phonic sounds together.
  • I loved coming into class to watch the children learn.
  • A workshop for maths would be great.
  • I found that watching the children learning their phonics was useful.
  • It gave me some ideas of what technology to use to support phonics further at home, and it was also useful to understand the process of learning to say and spell the word.  This was knowledge which I didn’t have before so we will be using our robot arms and canting the sounds at home.
  • Great to find out about what we can do at home with reading.
  • Apps to help that we can get at home.
  • Great to see the children in their classroom seeing how they learn in school.

Reception Phonics and Early Reading Workshop Feedback – March 2019

  • Thank you for the Phonics workshop.  It was lovely to see how engaged the children were and how Miss Gook made the learning interesting and fun.  It was a good refresher for me and has reminded me of robot arms!! Thank you again.
  • The workshop was lovely.  It was lovely to see my child in the class environment.  I thought it was great how phonics is done.  The kids love it so much.  Thank you for a great hour!!
  • I found the workshop really helpful and informative.  It makes such a difference to see how the children learn in class.  I definitely feel more confident in supporting my child with reading and phonic work at home.  Also really appreciated the extra information on Tapestry.  It’s reassuring to know the teachers are happy and welcome lots of posts from home.
  • Having spoken to my husband, he found the session valuable and said he felt more informed and better equipped to support our child.
  • The Phonics workshop and Early Reading was brilliant, although I know a lot from my Mum, it made me feel even more confident to know that I was doing it right!  I love to see the children learning in class!  And the way they are so focussed and interested.  Thank you!!
  • I found the workshop very helpful to refresh myself on how to blend and breakdown words and their sounds.
  • Really enjoyed the session and that has helped a lot to support my child reading at home.
  • I feel I already had good awareness of phonics as my child has talked about it a lot!  But I loved watching how the children started their day using the interactive board and how they have been learning phonics and making it so fun!  I also think the phonics folder and the sayings that go with each letter are a good idea and is really helping my child.
  • Fantastic workshop today.  So lovely to see the children learning and seeing how things are taught.  I definitely feel more confident in teaching at home.
  • Excellent opportunity.  Really enjoyed seeing the class in action.  Great teacher and the way everyone gets involved equally.  Helped us as parents to understand the language that our child learns and skills we can help him with at home.  Thank you and Great Work Reception!
  • We found it really useful as wasn’t quite sure how much had been taught.  Feel we understand what all the different types of words are.  Feel more confident getting phonics folder out now. 
  • I really enjoyed the phonics session.  It made me more aware of the teaching techniques used that I can apply at home.  It was also good to learn the terminology used eg ‘diagraphs’ etc.  It makes it easier to help my child read, when I explain a word is a ‘tricky’ word etc.
  • Thank you for putting on the workshop.  This was really helpful.  We feel that we have a greater understanding of how phonics work, what the difference between tricky words and high frequency words are.  Also, able now to use the same lingo as you when going through a book with him.  It’s great to be able to be consistent with the approach at home.  The Tapestry talk was very interesting too and has helped with knowing what to put on there.  Finally, it was so brilliant to be able to come into the classroom environment and see how things work.  Technology has moved on with the interactive white board!
  • I think the Reception team are doing a fantastic job at teaching the children to read.  Our son is coming on in leaps and bounds.  I found the phonics class brilliant.  I also found new, fun ways of helping my child at home, like word bongo and snap.  I was grateful for the chance to see my son learning and how he learns.

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